Astoria (last headline show) review:
"My Vitriol are capable of reaching places only Nirvana, the Manics and Radiohead have reached before. Big words we know, but at their best they attain a cinematic, tremolo-bending enormity that catches you right there. That's why we'll never have anything better to do on a Friday night when My Vitriol are in town."

 Moodswings (last single) review:
“a band whose sonic sights, on the evidence of this and efforts past and future, lie in the stained-glass majesty of the experimental cathedral rather than the dilapidated barn that houses today's ambition-shy rock fiddlers.”


Finelines/Between The Lines (last album) reviews, July 2002:

6an essential purchase for new and old fans alike...sure to be remembered as a classic in years to come.


5“the original was an album that neared classic status.... The remix simply pulls into focus Som's gift for melody, and his band's ability to scrape the stars while never losing sight of The Rock... [Between The Lines contains] the likes of the pained, poignant 'All Of Me'... are too fine to languish in B-side oblivion... 'Moodswings' and 'Vapourtrails' indicate where My Vitriol's future lies - the same adventurous, melodic soul-pop, only bigger, better, deeper.

4“a harder and largely improved version [of Finelines], whilst Between The Lines contains the excellent new single 'Moodswings'. The violent, soaring guitars of 'Vapour Trails' seems to invite the suggestion that it might be a misplaced single, while a sublime acoustic version of 'Losing Touch' furthers the quality of the second disc even more. 4.5/5”

3"everything on this 32 track extravanganza is, quite frankly, splendid. 'Finelines' itself sounds even better than it used to, which is a testament to My Vitriol's enduring appeal."


1“Finelines proved to be an excellent and assured debut, packed with epic middle-eights…. Ambitious and dynamic rich melodic sound… a demonstration of the band's total confidence and in particular Wardner's growing strength as a songwriter. 4/5”

“As an album, 'Finelines' is pretty damn amazing. As a debut it really is something special.”





zEntertainment Weekly (6/28/02, p.143) - "...These dudes put their own stomp on swerving layered-guitar formulas....they rock."


xAlternative Press (8/02, p.72) - 8 out of 10 - "...FINELINES serves up Everybody Oriented Rock, sure to be a hit with both the critics and the slamdancing fans who ignore them..."


CMJ (6/3/02, p.5) - "...Soaring epic rock...Book-smart as well as street-savvy, they seem most likely to succeed here..."


v“the quartet is a blazing, heavy-pop wonder. With shimmering harmonies and brain-bending My Bloody Valentine guitars wrapped in codeine-drenched melodies, My Vitriol comes on like a better Foo Fighters… iridescent beauty-marked songs with power and panache. Finelines' secret element is a subliminal Brit-folk thread, which gives Wardner's songs a lustrous elegance. With instrumental interludes balanced by raw punk blowouts, Finelines plays like a soundtrack, one with massive hit potential…. My Vitriol delivers a stunning debut. 5.5 out of 5!”